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If you are foreigners who are looking to purchase property land in Cambodia, Adaeng Development Ltd is here to help out. We specialize on land purchase, land conversion, and hold the land for foreign company. We serve since 4 years now.

Duration : 45 – 90 years


Can Foreigners Own Land in Cambodia?

It is a common knowledge in Cambodia’s real estate industry that foreigners cannot own land property in the country. Under Article 44 of the Cambodian Constitution, “only natural persons or legal entities of Khmer nationality shall have the right to land ownership.” 

Yet, since Cambodia is a country that attracts a lot of foreign investors, the question is “are there ways for foreigners to own or have the rights to land properties in the Kingdom?”  

Luckily, THERE IS, be it for residential, commercial, or agriculture purposes, a foreigner can legally own or have a right to a land property under these methods. Visit to learn more how foreigners can have ownership and rights on property and land in Cambodia. Also, Visit our Blog to catch the latest update all maters around. 

About Adaeng Development Ltd

Adaeng Development Ltd and our Chairman are pleased to work in partnership with you to conduct feasibility study on your preferable field also. Our Chairman, Vichetr Uon has 23 years experience in senior management and leadership role. He founded his nonprofit foundation (SSF), Sao Sary Foundation in 2006 to improve the quality of life for children and their families living in extreme destitution in Cambodia.He had been chosen among more than 200 emerging leaders from some 30 countries and economies in the Asia-Pacific region who participated in the Asia Society’s fifth annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit, held in Jakarta from December 3-5, 2010.He hold degree of Asia regional master trainer in social and finance. Money & You Graduate, CSAP instructors and MMI Graduate. He established Adaeng Development Ltd in 2018, Adaeng Land Ltd and Kehak,Inc. in 2021 and in 2022, Vichetr Uon and his foreign advisors developed four giant development proposals for seeking investment capital to invest on municipal water supplysolar farmssmart eco-friendly city, and Agri-industrial hubs 4.0 (information about the projects can find on, he founded Kehakhmer is to help content creators on the web, create a free account and start making money the creation contents.

Adaeng Development Ltd specializes on bilateral trade advisory, land purchase, land conversion, hold the land for foreign company, property development feasibility study, property development project proposal, etc. Adaeng Development is securing all governmental consents, approvals, licenses and permissions relating to the establishment of the project from the relevant authorities of Cambodia. This include all necessary land and construction alienation matters.


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