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  • Bilateral Trade

    Are you looking to purchase commodities from Cambodia? And  What are the goods that you have for supplying back? Our chairman has been assisting Turkish businessmen, Chineses, Singaporeans and Malaysians since 2019 to conduct

    Duration: 6-12 months

  • Property Development

    Adaeng Development Ltd developed 4 giant property development projects ready for your considerations.$1.4 billion US dollars in needs of capital of investment or project long-term loan.774,118 Hectares Land is looking toward purchasing.

    Duration : 25 – 55 years

  • Property Land

    If you are foreigners who are looking to purchase property land in Cambodia, Adaeng Development Ltd is here to help out. We specialize on land purchase, land conversion, and hold the land for foreign company. We serve since 4 years now.

    Duration : 45 – 90 years

  • Resort Master Planning and Design

    DESIGN FOREVR79 is a team of design enthusiasts dedicated to your goals and vision. Through our integrated and holistic design services we’ll make sure that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded to create a successful resort destination.

    Duration : 90 days

  • Social Commerce is designed to help content creators on the web, create a free account and start making money as soonest as a creator to post a first post on it. If you would like your products to be reachable by our content creators, you have many choices to occupy.

    Duration : 30 days